Terca glazed bricks

Sfeerbeld van geglazuurde bakstenen met speciale coating en kleuren

Speak an inspiring façade language

Glazed brick is increasingly playing a leading role in new projects and restorations. With a number of recent and upcoming projects, it can clearly be seen that glazed brick is speaking a new facade language: that of the glossy surface.

The power of the glossy surface

Glazed bricks have a wide reach of possibilities

The possibilities and applications to create an amazing façade image in new developments and renovations are endless. The long-lasting glazing provides additional colouring possibilities and ensures a beautiful reflection and texture.  

Craftsmanship and expertise: a glimpse behind the scenes

Our specially equipped factories lay the foundation for a unique experience of how glaze is applied to facing bricks. A solution for all uses. Widely usable for restoration or renovation. But also fashionable in new construction for creating a surprising facade. Read more about the process of glazed bricks.

Tailor-made solutions

In many projects we examine and research the various options in terms of colours, colour nuances, textures, shapes and brightness levels. Colours, textures, brightness levels and metallics: the possibilities are endless.

Crystal-series: solid colors with luxurious high gloss effect

The Crystal series consist of a selection of smooth glazed bricks in powerful and solid colours with a luxurious high-gloss effect.

Pearl-series: basic colors with a pearl effect

The Pearl series consists of a selection of smooth glazed bricks with an exceptional pearl effect, which ensures a softer radiance.

Tailor-made solution

For architects with special wishes, we regularly undertake a research project into the various options in terms of color, color nuances, texture, shape, effects and degree of gloss.

Reference projects

Luxurious apartment building | Moscow, Russia

Black, red, gold – no, it’s not the German flag, but an extraordinary architectural project in Moscow that originated as a small black square

An original in a new guise | The Hague

It was actually slated for demolition, but it was impossible to imagine The Hague’s skyline without this triangular tower. The yellow fellow has now been brought back to life with sophisticated renovation and expansion plans.

Newly built apartments The George | Zuidas, Amsterdam

During the course of this autumn and at the beginning of next year, a veritable city palace will be constructed in brick on the Boelegracht in Amsterdam, as the latest in a row of new residential buildings in Zuidas: The George.

Large-scale colour | London City Island

London City Island is a new development on a peninsula in East London, formed by a meander in the River Lea, a branch of the River Thames.

Renovation Beurs van Berlage | Damrak, Amsterdam

The Beurs van Berlage (former stock exchange building) in the heart of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is an architectural work of art, built from beautiful brick masonry.

New construction Zuidblok | Stadionplein, Amsterdam

The area around Stadionplein in Amsterdam has undergone a metamorphosis in recent years. Not only have the Citroën garages been renovated and rezoned, but new buildings have also been built on the square.

Renovation Elseviergebouw | Sara Burgerhartstraat, Amsterdam

The Elsevier building, beside the Amsterdam ring road, has been given a new lease of life as student accommodation. The original design by Willem Dudok and Robert Magnée was the starting point for the renovation of the facade by Knevel Architecten.