Wood-serie Ebonywood SP ClickBrick | Nieuwbouw Vrijstaande Woning | Elst | Architect: Studio Kees Marcelis, Oosterbeek | Contractor: Bouwbedrijf Lange, Woerden | Completion Date: 2008-01-01

A revolution in brick architecture

The unique combination of form and function makes ClickBrick the easiest stone for the most beautiful façade appearance! Designers are often looking for new materials to create their personal and aesthetically appealing look and feel. At the same time it is important to contractors that the costs of material use, processing, sustainability and maintenance are taken into account.

Dry stacking system

A beautifully smooth, colour vivid and pure façade appearance

As a dry stacking system ClickBrick provides, on the one hand, a beautifully smooth, colour vivid and pure façade appearance and, on the other hand, it can be processed fast and easily. Without the rare professional knowledge of masonry, adhesion or assembly. An important advantage in these days when the building industry increases quickly and it becomes ever more difficult to find sufficient craftspeople.

Building on sustainability

Maximum recycling

It can be said that the ClickBrick system is trendsetting in the area of sustainability. The system reduces the use of building materials, it results in maintenance-free façades and it is characterised by maximum recycling. And these are only a few of the numerous sustainability features.

Special architecture

Timeless beauty

Compared to glued and mortared bricks the ClickBrick system façade consists of a larger percentage of bricks. The colour, form and structure of the baked product consequently make the most of it. A brick façade is truly a completely brick surface. This enables architects even better to design buildings of timeless beauty. Monumental value: a feature that is ‘seamlessly’ in line with the principles of sustainability.

Technique and processing

Clean and dry stacking system

ClickBrick bricks are perforated extrusion pressed bricks that can be produced in various colours and structures. The processing of ClickBrick does not require professional knowledge. Specific tools or additional treatments are neither required for this clean and dry stacking system.


Various colours

The ClickBrick assortment consists of the traditional ClickBrick, the ClickBrick Fuss and the ClickBrick Binair. A wide range in various colours and textures is available.

Want to know more about ClickBrick?

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